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My goal is to provide a professional footcare service, with your health, comfort, and wellness as my priority.



I am a qualified, level 4, foot health practitioner. Feet are my passion. “A healthy body begins with a good foundation. Let me take care of your feet.”

Consultation by appointment only. Contact Therese on

07494 604812.

For any cancellations please give 48 hours notice.



  • I will assess and create a custom plan that suits your needs.

  • On your first consultation a full history of your health will be taken.

  • A neurovascular assessment will be done, to understand the health of your feet. This helps to detect any problems or abnormalities before they may occur and become a problem.

  • I understand the importance of educating you on the benefits & most effective ways to take good care of your feet.



Toe Nail Painting

For those that would like a little colour, I also offer an alternative product application called DR. REMEDY. This is a non-toxic, totally organic nail polish, which hydrates and feeds your nails. This product can be worn quite safely on fungal or problematic nails.

Nail Reconstruction

Using a specialised product Wilde Pedique LCN, Damaged nails are repaired and reconstructed to look as natural and beautiful as possible.


In 2019, prior to hip replacement surgery, the surgeon checked me in case of infection. Finding an infected big toe nail, I was referred to a podiatrist, who removed it to cure the infection and enable the surgery to proceed. Since the nail never grew back, in 2021, I visited another podiatrist, who applied a clear protective product to protect the toe. However the toe remained unsightly, and I was embarrassed and kept it concealed. Then I saw Therese’s advert, and hoping she might have a solution, I contacted her. In a very professional manner, she evaluated and prepared my embarrassing foot and began reconstructing my nail. She cut the other nails and filed them too. In addition to this, she called my surgery (having asked me first) and they issued a prescription to treat the infection which had reoccurred. I now have pretty, painted toe nails! and can wear sandals once again ! I can highly recommend Therese. In my opinion she is brilliant, understanding, caring, & capable. She has increased my confidence massively, which is highly important to me, with my Multiple Sclerosis.. I will make regular appointments now to maintain my foot health, as it feels amazing to have my feet pampered, and not have to hide them.


I have used Foot care pro for my son’s verruca which was sitted for more than four months. With multiple trials of freezing treatment, scaling and bandages it was not coming off. Therese is a lovely person, she used VERUTOP treatment and with just one application and regular usage of spirit my son’s verruca was gone completely within 2-3 weeks of treatment. Thank you so much. Really recommend it.

Bhumika Vaghela 

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